Ultimate Graduate Gift Guide



I've searched high and low and all through the internet to bring you the Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide. There are some great ideas out there for all the graduates in your life from basic necessities to books they can't live without to items to make college more homey and fun.

Some of my favorites are “The Naked Roommate,” a Keurig (don't forget to add some coffee pods), and the Showa-Flops.

So, get out your list of graduates and start gifting!

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Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide



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Check out the Kendra Scott Graduation Capsule Gift Guide. BEAUTIFUL JEWELRY any gal would be proud to own.

Surviving the Dorm

Fleece Throw

Every student needs a soft throw to cuddle up with while studying or chilling.

Unbreakable Cups

Unbreakable cups and water bottles are a life saver. Both Tervis and Swell are great options.

Laundry Bag

This StramperBAG laundry bag is super sturdy, is washable, odor resistant, and water resistant. It also will stand up on its own like a hamper and has backpack straps for hauling it to the washing machine.


A Multitool for assembling dorm furniture, cutting loose threads and showing everyone how handy you are.

Cheering Up the Communal Bathroom


Showaflops are no ordinary flip flops. They are antimicrobial and have holes for draining water to keep your feet from sticking to the soles.

Nice Toiletries

Sharing a bathroom gets old. Make it more pleasant with nice shampoo, conditioner, or body wash from Jack Black.


You know a bath towel will be used (at least occasionally). Monogramming is a special touch, so the recipient always knows which towel is hers.

Ya Gotta Eat

A Keurig

Every college student needs a Keurig for dispensing caffeine during all those late night study sessions. Be sure to add some coffee pods to the gift.

Electric Water Kettle

For those who prefer tea to coffee, an electric water kettle is just the thing. Also handy for boiling water for instant soups and other dorm-room fare.

Meal in a Mug

“Meal in a Mug” by Becky Blades

Cook in the dorm for one with this cookbook. Add a cute microwave-safe mug!

A Little Friendly Advice

Getting Around

Overnight bag

Encourage them to come home for the weekend with a nice overnight bag. Yes, they will also use it to go on adventures with their friends, but at least you will know they will not bring their change of underwear in a Walmart bag.


College campuses are large and bikes are a major form of transportation. Include a nice lock so it is not “borrowed” by their classmates.

Just for Fun

Advice Doormat

Make sure she sees your motherly advice everyday. A doormat from BeThereInFive Etsy shop can be a subtle reminder that you are looking out for her.


Hammocks are hot! If you've been on a college campus (or at a high school track meet), you know the kids are now hanging from the trees and “hammocking” is now a verb.

High Tech

Portable Charger

Help alliviate their biggest stress – a phone with low or no battery life left! A portable charger will recharge their phone many times.

Conserve Socket

Concerned the doormat won't do the trick? Get her a Conserve Socket. It will automatically shut off her straightener, iron, curling iron, or tea kettle after a set amount of time and will save you from paying for the fire in the dorm.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Help them drown out dorm noise from their neighbors and roommate with noise canceling headphones, so they can listen to their own music or tv shows.

You Are There to Study

Desk Set

Take away the drag of sitting at a desk studying with Kate Spade desk accessories. The Container Store also has an endless selection of desk accessories.

You've Got Mail

Subscription Gifts

College can be an overwhelming place. What better way to remind your student that you love them than with a monthly/quarterly gift box of items tailored for them and their interests. One of the best is Fab Fit Fun. It is a quarterly box with full size products. You can also just send one box. For $10 off your first box, use code BLOOM10.

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