Ultimate Graduate Gift Guide



I’ve searched high and low and all through the internet to bring you the Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide. There are some great ideas out there for all the graduates in your life from basic necessities to books they can’t live without to items to make college more homey and fun.

Some of my favorites are “The Naked Roommate,” a Keurig (don’t forget to add some coffee pods), and the Showa-Flops.

So, get out your list of graduates and start gifting!

Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide 1

Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide


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Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide 2

Graduation Care Package Ideas

Find the perfect one time Graduation Care Package Idea or subscribe to give them several months or even a year of care packages!

Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide 3

Graduation Jewelry Gift Ideas

Whether you are looking for a graduation gift for your girlfriend or a traditional graduation gift for her, a beautiful piece of jewelry may be just the answer.

Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide 4

Graduation Gifts for Guys

Guys may seem hard to buy for, but there are many unique, fun, and practical gifts that any high school graduate would love to receive.

Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide 5

10 Incredible Graduation Gift Ideas for Girls

There are tons of great graduation gift ideas for girls. Here are 10 of the best ideas.

Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide 6

Graduation Gift Ideas Under $10

Sometimes you need to buy some inexpensive gifts especially if you need a whole lot of graduation gifts for friends. Cute Graduation Gifts Under $10 are not that hard to find if you know where to look. And if you wrap them up super cute they will charm even the pickiest gift recipient.

Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide 7

College Graduation Gifts for Girls

College Graduation is a momentous occasion. The graduate is headed to the workplace or to even more school. But regardless of her destination, life will change. Whether it is dressing more professionally or living alone for the first time, she will have many new needs. This College Graduation Gifts for Girls guide will give you some ideas for the graduate in your life.

Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide 8

Gift Ideas for Teens and College Students

Shopping for teens and college students can be fun and challenging. It seems that the older kids get, the smaller and more expensive the presents are. I remember needing two rolls of wrapping paper to wrap a giant plastic car for my toddlers. Now I sometimes need barely a square of wrapping paper and the gift costs 5 times what the giant plastic car cost. But, if you know where to look, there are many gifts for this age group that do not need a charging cable.

Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide 9

Going Away to College Coffee Gift Basket

Making gift baskets is a great idea especially if you need to make a lot of gifts.  This graduation coffee gift basket would be a great treat for the graduates in your life.

Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide 10

Have "Loads of Fun" Laundry Care Package

One thing is certain in college – laundry. Help them have “loads of fun” doing their laundry and in college with a Laundry Care Package.

I hope you have enjoyed this Ultimate Graduation Gift guide with links to all of my Graduation Gift posts! Let me know if you have ideas for the Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide!!

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