8 Must Follow Instagram Accounts for Empty Nesters

Instagram Accounts for Empty Nesters

8 Must Follow Instagram Accounts for Empty Nesters


Are you on Instagram? If not, then grab yourself an account and start following these 8 Must Follow Instagram Accounts for Empty Nesters. Instagram is different than Facebook in that every post has a picture. It is very visual and is more about inspiring you than the sharing of opinions. (In that way alone, it can be a refuge from an onslaught of politics and other news when you need an escape from it.)

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8 Must Follow Instagram Accounts for Empty Nesters 1

8 Must Follow Instagram Accounts for Empty Nesters

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The accounts below are accounts I follow and enjoy seeing what the owners are up to with their posts. Below I share what makes these accounts the best Instagram Accounts for Empty Nesters.


I love Suzy of Empty Nest Blessed. She shares fashion looks for women in our age group. She is as cute as can be and shares fun photos of herself wearing the clothes in different environments – sometimes in front of the mirror in her bedroom, sometimes around Dallas, Texas, and sometimes on her travels.



Deborah of Fabulous After 40 is from Canada and wowza! I want to look like her when I grown up. She is some kinda gorgeous and her fashion sense is flawless.  Her look is very high end, but many of the clothes come from Amazon and Nordstrom Rack. She even has a story highlight with looks from Walmart.



Lisa of Feathered Empty Nest is very relatable. She is sharing her journey of going gray and she is rocking it!! She shares pictures of her family and her hobby of axe throwing. (I may need to add that one toEmpty Nest Hobbies post.) One of her story highlights is of the “downsized” empty nest home she and her husband recently built. *Bonus: Another Instagram account with a gorgeous transition to silver hair is Amy Malott



Jill Savage is the author of the book “Empty Nest, Full Life: Discovering God's Best for Your Next.” You can see my review and other Empty Nest books at 10 Best Books for Empty Nesters. Her feed is full of encouragement and pictures of her with her husband and grown children.



Alexis of Empty Nest Joy is truly a joy to follow. She is upbeat, realistic, and will have you smiling in no time. She is single and features topics applicable to single empty nest women, as well as all empty nesters.



Brenda of Texas Over Fifty Encourages a lifetime filled with everyday intentional adventure.



Cathy of My Side of Fifty shows you how Jesus meets you in the encore years over 50 and she just started a podcast!

Almost Empty Nest

Yes, this is my account! I would love to have you as a follower and interact with you. I like to post pictures of my family and news of what is going on at Almost Empty Nest. Don't miss the latest happenings around here.


Join the Instagram fun and follow these Instagram Accounts for Empty Nesters with me!




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  1. Laura,
    Thank you for this wonderful newsletter that comes to me every weekend, empowering me each and every weekend. We are a high school Junior away from empty nest, but currently have two boom-a-rang young adult living in our home. Both are exceptionally creative, and exceptionally too-broke for an apartment.

    While I never had the opportunity to return home and pursue my passion, I am okay with giving this opportunity. One travels, writes, does beautiful cinematic photography and the other is a professional musician who owns his own music production studio (in my basement)!

    I am on a journey myself…as a successful and creative piano teacher, my real passion is writing. I have written a cookbook for my kids, as they leave the nest, with favorite recipes and stories from my childhood and theirs. I am praying about “the WHAT” to write about in this next stage. I am going to check out your sources for inspiration this week. I have a blog, but lately I have tagged most posts as private as I am not ready to bear my soul with the world. Perhaps I should:


    Thank you for doing what you do. You are making a difference in my life.

    • Oh, I LOVE the cookbook idea. Keep writing and connecting through your website. The more we share, the more we find that we are not so different after all. Everyone who reads what I write and especially those who comment or write me make such a difference in my life. Thank you so much for your kind comments.


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