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and this is my family. This picture was taken at our 2nd child's high school graduation. Only one more kiddo left to graduate from high school.


I am a mom to 3 kids and have been married for 26 years to my college sweetheart. My oldest child left the nest in August 2014 to attend Baylor University. He is about to graduate and will move to NEW YORK CITY to begin graduate school at NYU! My second is a sophomore at the University of Texas. My baby is 17 and will be a senior in high school this fall. I live in Tulsa, OK and enjoy hanging out with my family (especially when we are all together), cheering on my daughter in her various activities, writing, reading, traveling, and even hosting bridal showers for my friend’s kiddos who are taking an even further flight and getting married (yikes!).


Almost Empty Nest


I started writing Almost Empty Nest in November of 2014 after taking my first son to college. I knew the changes and emotions I was experiencing and wanted to reach out to others who were also experiencing the transition from having all of our children at home to beginning to send them into the world. To get to know me better, I would love for you to read my first blog post “Almost Empty Nest.”  

What this Website is About:


Almost Empty Nest is a website dedicated to living every moment with our families to the fullest. We’ve lived long enough to know that time is short. Whether all of our children are still in the nest or all have long flown into adulthood we desire to live intentionally. Our priorities are faith, family and friends.

The posts fall into several categories. Here is a breakdown:


Not Just “Mom”

Not Just “Mom” is about us. Our lives are changing. Our homes are changing. Our relationships with our children, our husbands, and our friends are changing. We need new goals and new experiences. We need help answering the question “What now?”  The posts in this category cover many topics including our lifestyles, homes, marriages, recipes, travel, hobbies, entertaining, and goals for the future. Check out 50 by 50: 50 Things to Learn, Accomplish, and Experience Before I Turn 50.


You can find all of The Not Just “Mom” posts HERE.


We brought our children into our nests. We guided them, taught them, cheered for them, and ached with them and now we are starting the process of sending them off into the world to start their own nests. We are still very much in the business of parenting, but our role has changed. Whether your first child is in high school and you are just starting to think about their flight from the nest or your last left long ago, we celebrate their independence, but are here if they need us.


You can find all of the Parenting posts HERE.

College Prep:

One of the biggest parenting responsibilities is assisting our children as they take their first real flight into the world. For most children this includes some form of college. We worry if our children are ready and what it takes to be ready. The posts in this section are meant to offer advice and reassurance as we walk the maze of the last years of high school, the college selection and admission process and finally make the long drive to college to drop them off and then the longer drive home.  I have created a FREE DOWNLOAD of Planning for College Checklists and also a complete Planning for College Planner.


You can find all of the College Prep posts HERE.

Care Packages and Gift Guides:

I am all about encouraging our kids while they are away at college and one of the best ways to do this is to send them care packages on special occasions or time of stress. I have designed LOTS of care packages with FREE PRINTABLE box decorations and item tags.


You can find all of the Care Package posts HERE. You can also download the entire collection HERE.


I also know that sometimes coming up with ideas for gifts for teens and college students can be difficult. Money is great, but sometimes you would like to give a wrapped present. I have TONS of ideas for Christmas, Graduations, and other occasions in my gift guide posts.


You can find all of the Gift Guides HERE.

What this Website is NOT About:

Marriage, rearing children and assisting our children as they leave our nests is at times amusing. We believe that a healthy sense of humor and laughter helps us all live our days with joy. However, we are not hear to shame, ridicule or otherwise embarrass our children, spouses, family or friends. No foul language or meanness will ever appear on www.almostemptynet.net.

Let’s Connect:

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You may also contact me directly anytime at [email protected].

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