Beauty over 40: Best Makeup and Skincare Videos



I’ve had to face the facts. I’m looking older. A particularly scary recent photo of me revealed many things I have not wanted to see – wrinkles around my eyes, droopy eyelids, and bad makeup application. Thus, my new hobby: watching makeup and skincare videos on You-Tube, and a new blog series: Beauty over 40. Having spent days watching these videos, I want to share the best ones. So, here goes…. Beauty over 40: Best Makeup and Skincare Videos


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Beauty over 40: Best Makeup and Skincare Videos


Using the search function on You-Tube, you can find all sorts of videos about makeup and skincare. Almost none of them are for us, the almost empty nesters (and empty nesters) with unique makeup and skincare needs. What works for a 25 year old is not the same as what works for a 40+ year old. As I conducted my search, I looked for several qualifications in the you-tubers:

  1. At least 40 years old
  2. No obvious surgeries, botox, etc. If the first thing I notice about someone is that they have had a botox injection, that is not beauty to me. I am not opposed to procedures, but they should make you look better and not like someone who has had “a lot of work done.”
  3. Uses and reviews both high end and lower end (“drugstore”) products.
  4. Not selling one particular brand or line of products.
  5. Their videos need to be recent. It is a plus if they publish videos on a consistent basis.


Hot and Flashy

I absolutely could not resist this gal’s videos. She had me with the name of her channel – “Hot and Flashy.” She is 54 years old and describes herself as a “Benjamin Button.” (#goals) Her site says it serves those who are “over 50,” but I would be happy to have her skin at 48! She publishes videos frequently. They are of good quality and have a wealth of information. Here are her morning and evening skincare videos:

Ella Leary Artistry

OK, I’m not sure this gal is actually in her 40s, but she covers many makeup and skincare issues that affect aging skin. She is a professional makeup artist and includes videos that cover more than aging. I chose to share her tutorials on undereye bags, discoloration, and circles. She also has a great one on contouring and highlighting mature skin.

Cate Trunnell

I loved watching Cate Trunnell’s videos especially her “5 Drugstore Products in 5 Minutes” (because that is the kind of makeup routine I love) and her “Makeup Basics” videos. She is very relatable and fun to watch.

Hip Chick Online

I chose this video blogger even though she does not post that frequently. Her videos are short and informative and cover makeup, skincare, hair, and clothing. One of the reasons I chose to feature her is that she has darker hair, eyes, and skin than the other ladies I listed, so if you are not fair-skinned, it might be easier to see how products look on her. She works in the beauty industry.

I am absolutely amazed at the things you can learn in the comfort of your own home using video tutorials and classes. These makeup and skincare videos for women over 40 are the bomb. (Thank you video bloggers!) I have taken copious notes and I am excited to watch and re-watch them while I am actually in my bathroom with my makeup!


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