Beauty over 40: Skincare Products I Love


Skincare is an important part of looking young and staying healthy, but with the increased accessibility to more and more product, overwhelm can quickly set in. Sometimes I think Ulta and Sephora may be schemes of satan. I go in there thinking I am going to buy one thing and come out with five. To help you with your overwhelm, I have put together a list of products I love or am trying in Beauty over 40: Skincare Products I Love.

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Beauty over 40: Skincare Products I Love

Product Links:

Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning if you click on them and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission.

I am NOT an affiliate of Paula’s Choice. (The links to her products are for your convenience.) Paula was a guest on Oprah sometime in the 90s. She had a book called, “Don’t Go to the Cosmetic Counter Without Me,” which explained skincare and makeup ingredients and reviewed products. I bought her book and have been hooked on her reviews ever since. She then came out with her own products and I have used many of them for years. I like that I can order them on the internet and her website contains detailed explanations of what is in everything and what the product does.

I am also NOT an affiliate for Rodan and Fields. The links go to the consultant’s website and I do not receive a commission.

Thank you so much for the times you do click on links on my blog and make a purchase because I use the money to pay the expenses of this blog. For more information, see the full disclosure in the footbar.




Evening Cleansers



Morning Cleaners


  • When I am in the shower, I use Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser. It is super inexpensive and a really good cleanser. If you want a budget product, I absolutely, without hesitation, recommend Cetaphil.
  • A friend of mine, who is a Rodan and Fields consultant, loaned me a set of her products to try for a few weeks. I fell in love with the REVERSE Deep Exfoliating Wash and used it as a luxury scrub a few times a week. It made my skin so soft and felt really good. This product is considered a “manual exfoliant.”
  • After I returned the R & F products (sad face), I looked for a cheaper substitute for their exfoliating wash. I bought Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash, but it is just not the same. It has the same massaging sensation when I use it, but it dries my skin out. It would be better for someone with normal or oily skin. I am going to give it to my daughter and order the Rodan and Fields scrub.










  • Another R & F product that I fell in love with is the REVERSE Dual Active Brightening Complex. Very noticeable brightening and fading of a brown spot within a week.
  • I currently use Paula’s choice Vitamin C and retinol products and some of her other “boosters” as my treatments.
  • I recently learned that the best ingredient for further fading my brown spot is hydroquinone. I have already spent way too much on makeup and skincare in the past month, so I looked at recommended products on Beautypedia (more about this later.) The cheapest product with 2% hydroquinone is Alpha Hydrox Spot Light Targeted Skin Lightener at $10.29.


Eye Creams


  • Currently, I am using Lancome Genifique Yeux because I received a sample in a rewards gift at Sephora with my 500 points. (Don’t judge 😉 ) It is an exceptional eye cream and has all the right ingredients.
  • The cool thing about eye creams is that they are often given as samples. I have a Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate that I received as a sample and am anxious to try.
  • When I don’t have a sample eye cream, I buy Cereve Eye Repair cream. It is an extremely cost efficient and well made eye cream.







Everything I read about anti-aging, says sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! I was blessed to grow up with a Dad who was a doctor and believed in sunscreen before sunscreen was cool. He and I both have very fair skin and he has a family history of skin cancer. I’m not saying that Coppertone SPF 4 (or whatever was available in the 1970s) completely saved my skin, but I think it helped.



Ready to Shop?


I love the products I listed above. Of course, the best products are the ones that work for you. If you want more product ideas, check out Beautypedia or the Beautypedia app (again, a Paula’s Choice thing). You will find 1000s of reviews of both drug store and high end products and lists of “best” products. The website or App are also easy places to find ingredient lists and reviews from other consumers or you can read about the products you are already using. Don’t be alarmed if your favorite products have below a 5 star rating. She downgrades any product with scent, is in a jar, or has an ingredient she thinks is possibly irritating. Some of the products I love have 2 or 3 star ratings on Beautypedia (usually because of scent).

I have shared my Beauty over 40: Skincare Products I Love with you. I would love to hear what skincare products work for you in the comments below.

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