Best College Care Package Subscriptions

best college care package subscriptions

Best College Care Package Subscriptions

  Sometimes there is no time to make a care package and College Care Package Subscriptions offer the convenience of knowing that your college student will always have something on the way. College care package subscriptions also offer items that you may not be able to easily find in stores such as samples of products that are not available yet. They will always be neatly and carefully packaged and give parents a great way to support their college student. Discover the Best College Care Package Subscriptions below!
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Best College Care Package Subscriptions 1

Best College Care Package Subscriptions

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Love with Food:

Why Love with Food is a Best College Care Package Subscription: I love Love with Food because there are so many care package options and price points. Whether you want to send a one-time small package of snacks or a yearly subscription that is not only healthy, but also gluten free, they have a plan for you.

Our family tried two of the smaller “tasting” packages and liked many of the snacks. I think there were enough snacks in the small box to last one college student several weeks. (Confession: We kinda like our snacks unhealthy, so we are not exactly the target audience.) But, if we can find things we genuinely like in a box of “healthy snacks,” then they must be good snacks!

Cost:  The least expensive care package without a subscription is $9.99. The most expensive choice is a year of monthly gluten free care packages for $239.88. There are options everywhere in between as well. 

Best College Care Package Subscriptions 2

Munchie Crate

MunchieCrate    is a best college care package subscription because it delivers a box of 15 snacks for the one studying in the dorm and ready for a late night pick-me-up. These are the snacks the kids grew up with and will be excited to see. Sometimes they just want snacks, no frills, not healthy, just snacks.

Cost:  Munchie Crate  subscriptions start at $14.99.

2 Afghan blankets from Annie's Kit Club

Annies’ Crochet Kit Club

If you haven’t heard, crocheting is the hot thing with college kids. They are crocheting for fun and stress-relief. Annie’s Crochet Club has 5 monthly kits to choose from including beginner kits and afghan kits.

Cost:  Annie’s Crochet Kits are $19.99/month.

You Got This Care package

Etsy College Care Packages

Etsy is a wonderful place to look for college care packages, whether subscription or one-time. Most of them have a personal touch from small vendors. You can find a college care package for any occasion like holidays, exams, and sickness.

Cost:  Most are in the $30-$40 range, but there are choices in every budget.

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Love Goodly

Why Love Goodly is a Best College Care Package Subscription: I included Love Goodly in this list because their care packages are vegan, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and organic. I know how important these qualities are to many consumers and want to share an option for my vegan readers.

Their care packages mostly include toiletry and beauty items, but boxes in the past have also included jewelry, snacks, and leather items. BONUS: They have limited edition boxes for MEN!

Cost:  Love Goodly is on the pricey-side with a single box costing $39.95. (The men’s limited edition box is $26.95.) A 6 month subscription which includes 3 boxes delivered every other month is $96. 

Best College Care Package Subscriptions 4

Rachel Zoe Box of Style

Why Rachel Zoe is a Best College Care Package Subscription: Zoe Box of Style is a quarterly high end subscription box containing 5 luxurious items for less than $100. The current box contains a beautiful leather crossbody and card case, a gorgeous statement necklace, a Marc Jacobs lip gloss, and skin serum.

Cost:  Rachel Zoe Box of Style is $99 for a single box or $349 for a VIP yearly membership. Use code FALL25 for $25 off your order.

Best College Care Package Subscriptions 5

Kites and Ivy

Kites and Ivy is a best college care package subscription specifically for college girls. They are sent according to this schedule: Back to School box – end of September, Winter Finals box – late November, Spring Fever box – end of February, Finals Survival box – end of academic year. Contents of each box include bath & beauty products, fashion accessories, school supplies, snacks and other exciting gifts! 

Cost:  Kites and Ivy subscriptions start at $34.99 per month.

I hope you love this list of Best College Care Package Subscriptions. Comment with your favorite ideas.

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