7 Must-Listen College Preparation Podcast Episodes

college preparation podcast

7 Must-Listen College Preparation Podcast Episodes


College Preparation Podcasts are an easy way to start learning about the college preparation and application process. There are a number of College Preparation Podcasts for you to choose from. I decided to make a list of episodes rather than only the podcasts to give a variety of important information. If you like a particular host or interview style, you know this is the college preparation podcast for you!

There are college preparation podcasts and episodes that cater to either the parent or the student or both. They are all worth checking out.

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college preparation podcast

7 Must-Listen College Preparation Podcast Episodes

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college preparation podcasts

17 Things to Do Before Going to College with Harlan Cohen

Harlan Cohen is the author of The Naked Roommate, a book I first heard about during my oldest son's college orientation. I have continued to recommend it on my graduation gift lists and other college preparation lists. I was so excited to find this episode. Harlan is funny and relatable. He gives extremely practical tips about roommate relationships, communicating with parents, safety, and even whether or not to break up with your high school sweetheart.

This episode is mostly for students, but parents can benefit from listening to learn more about the things your student will experience socially and mentally in school. This episode is #207 of the College Essay Guy podcast, a general college preparation podcast with over 100 episodes. He does not record super consistently, but has a large backlog of material to binge.


no more perfect podcast

Lessons Learned from a Medical Emergency with Laura and Zane Dennis

You may recognize the gal on the picture for this College Preparation Podcast Episode. Yes! It is me and my son. Zane and I were interviewed about our experience when he had an emergency appendectomy while away at college. Planning how you will handle medical care and particularly a medical emergency while your student is away at school is one of the more important things you need to figure out.

We were interviewed by Moira McCullough on her podcast College Scoops. She has many episodes about the college experience and college preparation that would interest both parents and students.

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Scams (and Shams) that Target High School Students and Their Families

Gretchen Wegner and Megan Dorsey are both college preparation experts who host The College Prep Podcast. In this episode they talk about the scams that are out there waiting to take your money and deliverer little to no results. One example is paying a company to find financial aid and they come back with loans. (Student loans are considered “financial aid.”) Similar scams or barely ethical pitches are everywhere in college preparation. They include scholarships, test prep “guarantees,” and honor organizations.

Megan breaks it down in this episode – what to avoid and how to read the fine print in the “guarantees.”

life kit podcast

Preparing for the College Essay and Listener Q and As

A college essay is not the same as the papers a student writes for English class. A college essay is reflective writing, something most students have no experience or training in. This episode gives tips for learning how to write reflectively so the student can write a good essay for their college application. In the second half of the episode the hosts answer listener questions.

This College Preparation Podcast is called Getting In and has hundreds of episodes with more topics than I can list including athletic recruitment, scholarships for film students, and the medical school residency match in addition to general college preparation material.

College preparation podcasts

Communicating with Your Teens About Their Future with Melanie Studer and Sam Studer

Talking to your teens about what they want and your teens learning your expectations is crucial in college preparation. Listen to Melanie and her son Sam talk about their conversations and the tremendous impact it had on both of them. Through the experience Melanie wrote  College Bound: The Ultimate List of Conversations to Help Your Teen Through High School.

This episode is found on the High School Hamster Wheel podcast with Betsy Jewell. It is a college preparation podcast for parents of teens and young adults exploring paths through and beyond high school.

college preparation podcast

The New Way College Recruit Students with Courtney Minden of Babson College

Covid changed everything and it particularly changed college recruiting. Student visits are now self-guided tours through campus. Counselors visit high schools online instead of in-person and what about college interviews? Covid or not, many of the changes are not going away. The virtual resources created during the pandemic will continue to be used to recruit students and give broader access to more and more students. Courtney Minden spoke to these changes and what to expect in the future on the Your College Bound Kid Podcast.

college preparation podcast

College Scholarship Strategies with Monica Matthews

Monica Matthews talks about various college scholarship strategies. She emphasizes that scholarships are out there for everyone if you are willing to invest the time to prepare the applications correctly. She has interviewed many scholarship judges about what they are looking for and goes over some of the big no-nos.

Rachel Murphy of Raising Confident Teens interviews Monica.

I hope you enjoy these 7 Must-Listen College Preparation Podcast episodes, find helpful college preparation information, and in the process find podcasts you would like to add to your regular rotation.


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