Best Graduation Gift Books

10 best graduation gift books

Best Graduation Gift Books


Giving a graduate a gift book makes an inspiring and excellent present especially if you give the right book. Fun to read, practical books are the best graduation gift books. If it looks boring or irrelevant to the graduate, it will gather dust. I have listed several best graduation gift books below that are sure to resonate with your graduate.

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10 best graduation gift books

Best Graduation Gift Books 

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Best Graduation Gift Books 1


By: Sheridan Scott

The book offers advice from many different perspectives. There is someone in this book to which every college freshman and parent can relate. Some of the chapters are skim-worthy and some are highlight-almost-every-line-worthy.

One of the best chapters is written by a film school student in Los Angeles. He has some of the most unconventional, but yet REAL advice: “Don’t bring your autographed picture of Darth Vader to the dorm, and do eat your veggies; don’t grow a beard, and do realize that though the college years are great, your best years are yet to come.” While his morals are a little looser than I would prefer, he has arrived at this enlightened realization, “come to terms with the fact that you’re not going to find lasting romance drunk in someone’s yard off-campus.” His chapter is a MUST READ!

Cover of book: "The Naked Roommate"


By: Harlan Cohen

I first heard about this book at my oldest son’s college orientation. One of the deans held up the For Parents Only version of The Naked Roommate and insisted we all needed a copy. It is a fun book with a fun title that will entice the recipient to actually open it up and read it. The advice is practical and realistic. It covers topics like the summer before college, move-in day, roommates,  Greek life, dating, drugs and alcohol, safety, health, and academics.

College Student Health Handbook


By: Jill Grimes, MD

The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook falls in the practical category. It is written in a conversational-style, that is never condescending. This book and a DIY First Aid Kit will be both read and used.

Dr. Grimes covers all sorts of college health issues and gives advice they can use in an emergency – like how to help a friend who has passed out from overindulging. She talks about every day issues like test anxiety, home sickness, the freshman fifteen, “something’s stuck in my eye,” as well as more serious issues like date rape, birth control pills, and “Is my stomach pain an appendicitis?” (We have been there on the appendicitis! See What To Do If  Your College Student Has a Medical Emergency for our experience and some advice.)

Dr. Grimes has two daughters who are in college and also works at the University of Texas at Austin, so she knows how to talk to and relate to college students and also the common medical concerns of college kids.

Steadfast by Tabitha Allman


By: Tabitha Allman

As a recent college graduate Tabitha Allman knows what it is like in college. She also knows that attending a Christian college does not shield young women from the realities of the world. She discusses how to handle homesicknesses, stress, feeling different and fitting in, helping a roommate who is having problems, setting appropriate boundaries, and dating. And she knows that dating on a Christian campus is a whole other thing than on most campuses because of the pressure to find a mate.

She jokes about how the “walk of shame” on a Christian campus is graduating without an engagement ring. This book is perfect for any of the graduates in your life who are attending a Christian college or any college.

Best Graduation Gift Books 2


By Becky Blades

Ok, I LOVE this book. It is funny. It is pithy. It is practical. It is short. And it will be read. It contains 271 gems including #146: “Offer your seat to anyone older or less healthy than you. And occasionally to someone who made an inappropriate shoe choice” and #19: “Never put anything on the internet that you would not want to discuss in a job interview, on a first date, or with your mother.” She includes many encouragements to be kind to others, to cut them some slack, and how to truly make others feel good.

knock by rebecca otis leder


By: Rebecca Otis Leder

As a blogger I related to Rebecca’s opening concerning people who reach out without any thought or care put into their pitch. I receive emails from people who want me to add links or feature them without it being apparent they know anything about who I write for or the type of posts I create. Their pitches are completely impersonal and go straight to my “junk” folder.

College students and those who will need to network in their career need this book. Knock gives the why and how to building actual meaningful relationships. We all need help from those who have already gone down our path, but sending out impersonal emails or asking to pick someone’s brain over coffee is not the way to receive help or to offer anything to the potential mentor in return. This book offers a practical and step by step approach that will be appreciated by college students as they seek career guidance, internships, and jobs.

A Few More Best Graduation Gift Books:

Here are a few more best graduation gift books. I have not read these, but they are highly rated and look like fun books to give or receive! I definitely think I need the Barbara Bush Pearls of Wisdom book!

Barbara Bush Pearls of Wisdom
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175 Things to do before you graduate college
graduation gifts under $10

I hope you love these Best Graduation Gift Books. They will be sure to bless the graduates in your life. I would love to know your favorite graduation gift books. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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