Best Podcasts for Empty Nesters


I love listening to podcasts. There are podcasts on every topic – true crime, hobbies, news, and of course, empty nesting. If you are not familiar with podcasts, podcasts are free internet programs created by both large news networks and individuals in their homes. They can be listened to on your computer or through apps like Spotify or Apple Podcasts on your phone. There are not very many just for empty nesters. The important thing when looking for the best podcasts for empty nesters is to find a podcast with topics you are interested in and is helpful to you.

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Best podcasts for Empty Nesters

Best Podcasts for Empty Nesters

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empty nest guest podcast

Empty Nest Guests with Charlotte Guest

Charlotte went looking for a Christian empty nest podcast and could not fine one, so she started her own. Charlotte conducts an interview style show where she visits with others who are either empty nesters or have expertise in an area facing empty nesters. She has completed 18 episodes and plans more. Her episodes include one with me where we discuss three things we need to let go of as empty nesters. (Episode 2)

Her other episodes cover topics like alzheimers, friendship, diet and exercise, adult children, and spirituality in midlife.

no more perfect podcast

No More Perfect Podcast with Jill and Mark Savage

Jill Savage, the author of Empty Nest, Full Life, hosts the No More Perfect Podcast with her husband Mark. It is not entirely about empty nesting, but because they are empty nesters, the topics are almost always applicable. Their episodes include #3 and #6 which are dedicated to their own story of reconciliation after infidelity, #8 called “Six Things Every Empty Nest Parent Needs to Let Go Of,” #32 about dealing with rebellious teenagers, and #43 called “Offering a Prodigal a Way Home.”


just one simple thing

Just One Simple Thing with Christa Hutchins

Just One Simple Thing is dedicated to “goals, plans, and strategy for the Christian creative.” The episodes are short and include one small action step the listener can take to move forward in their journey. New empty nesters are looking for new ideas and interests, but are often paralyzed when trying to find a way to accomplish these new ideas. Christa can help. She is a project manager by vocation and knows how to break projects down into super small action steps.

life kit podcast

Life Kit on NPR

Life Kit is so fun. The episodes are great for empty nesters especially if you are interested in finding new hobbies or learning new things. They have episodes covering biking, camping, gardening, sewing, and more. There is even an episode dedicated to finding a new hobby. You won't be interested in every episode because there are gobs of them. BUT, you will find lots of topics of interest. It is like a fun magazine you are flipping through at the checkout stand.

woman listening to podcast

Any podcast that covers your interests and does it in a way that communicates effectively with you is one of the best podcasts for empty nesters.

To find podcasts Search for your interests online or in a podcast app – for example “Best Podcasts about knitting.” I mostly listen to podcasts about blogging with some true crime thrown in. My current favorite is OMGrowth! with Lanie Lamarre because I love all of the geeky numbers stuff. I learned everything I know about Pinterest from Kate Ahl and the Simple Pin Podcast. 

There are podcasts about everything! On car trips across the country with my sons I learned there are podcasts about screen writing and game creation. If you can't find one you like, start one like Charlotte Guest did.