College Preparation Checklist for High School Seniors


Senior Year is FINALLY HERE!! It's time for an exciting year of lasts and firsts – last high school football game, first college application complete! It is going to be a crazy and busy year. To help you to stay organized and keep track of every application, scholarship, and every other aspect of finishing high school and beginning college,  I have prepared a College Preparation Checklist for High School Seniors. Download your checklist and the entire collection of Planning for College Checklists by signing up below. You will be able to download the FAFSA, Junior Year Checklist, Summer Before Senior Year Checklist, and Senior Year Checklist and more.

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For an ENTIRE PLANNER FULL OF CALENDARS, CHECKLISTS, AND PLANNING SHEETS which will take you from the freshman year of high school to the freshman year of college, check out The Planning for College Planner.


College Preparation Checklist for High School Seniors


The senior year is here and it is time to finish strong and complete these steps.


  • Finish your college visits by the end of September. 
  • Make final decision about about which schools to which you will apply. 
  • Gather all of the information you will need for each school's application including all application requirements and all deadlines (admission, financial aid, supplemental department applications, scholarships). Set up a system for organizing all of your applications. The Planning for College Planner is the perfect solution. 
  • Apply for outside scholarships.
  • Fill out the FAFSA. The FAFSA is the only way to receive any federal aid or federal loans. Many schools require the FAFSA for in house aid as well. 
  • After decisions are announced, make note of housing and other deposit deadlines.
  • Possibly attend Admitted Students' Days at the schools you are trying to decide between.
  • Graduate from high school!!!
  • Send final transcript and anything else your school requires. 
  • Schedule your orientation.


The senior year is a fun-filled, but sometimes stressful time. This College Preparation Checklist for High School Seniors will help you get through it. Be sure to print out your checklist pack. It is available by subscribing below.

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