Need Help Finding the Perfect School or Adjusting to College?

Here are some books I recommend for the college transition and beyond

  Choosing the Right College: The Inside Scoop on Elite Schools and Outstanding Lesser-known Institutions

A book for conservatives who are looking for a good fit for their child in an academically rigorous environment.

The book contains over 1000 pages of information on 100s of schools. Each school is evaluated for academic life and student life. Other inserts include academic requirements, vital statistics, and even a suggested core curriculum. They end with an insert giving each school a red, yellow, or green light and an explanation of the rating. The ratings give parents and students insight into the treatment of conservative students on campus by professors, administration, and fellow students.


   Fiske Guide to Colleges

A look at more than 310 public and private schools with candid essays about student life, lists of the strongest majors and programs, admissions and financial aid information, indexes that break schools down by price and state, and lists of schools with strong programs for learning disabilities. My book is full of sticky page markers and underlining.


Now You Tell Me: 12 College Students Give the Best Advice They Never Got

The book offers a variety of advice from many different perspectives. There is someone in this book to which every college freshman and parent can relate. Some of the chapters are skim-worthy and some are highlight-almost-every-line-worthy. One of the best chapters is written by a film school student in Los Angeles. He has some of the most unconventional, but yet REAL advice: “Don't bring your autographed picture of Darth Vader to the dorm, and do eat your veggies; don't grow a beard, and do realize that though the college years are great, your best years are yet to come.” While his morals are a little looser than I would prefer, he has arrived at this enlightened realization, “come to terms with the fact that you're not going to find lasting romance drunk in someone's yard off-campus.” His chapter is a MUST READ!


 naked roommate

The Naked Roomate by Harlan Cohen

A humorous look and practical look at many of the experiences parents and students will encounter as they journey from high school to college.



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