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Do you know you’re already amazing? What woman does not need to hear these words? The world throws lie after lie at us. We are not beautiful, skinny, talented, rich, worthy or valuable enough. Our homes are not Pinterest perfect and our parenting skills are lacking.

Holley Gerth understands our frustrations and fears and has written about them in her new book, “Do You Know You’re Already Amazing? 30 Truths to Set Your Heart Free.” In the intro she shares, “Each of the thirty devotionals in this book addresses a lie our hearts are tempted to believe and shares the truth God wants to offer us instead.”

I have truly enjoyed setting aside 10-15 minutes each morning and completing the daily devotional. Her lessons are ones we cannot hear enough. Her theme verse is Psalm 139:14, “I praise you because you made me in an amazing and wonderful way.” She reminds us that recognizing that you are an elaborately built, wonderful part of God’s creation is not pride. It leads us to praise our maker. It is time for Christian women to stand together and lead each other to this truth.

This book is perfect for any group of women from middle school and up. The 30 devotionals are not long. Each includes a Bible reading, a devotional from Holley and a few follow-up questions. The book is also purse-sized. It can be carried in the car and read while waiting in the pick up line at school or anywhere else a busy mom finds herself in our “hurry up and wait” lives.

I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

update: October 3, 2016

I recently read Holley's follow up post, “How We Can Beat the Lies We Battle.” Don't miss her excellent and uplifting message.

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