Empty Nest Hobbies

empty nest hobbies

Empty Nest Hobbies


Finding yourself in an empty nest can be both scary and exciting. Suddenly you have a lot more time on your hands. No more weekend sports and activities or waiting up for your teen to get in at night. It may be time to remember all those things you were gonna do “someday” and actually do them – like taking up a new hobby.

This post lists over 50 new Empty Nest Hobbies for you to consider at you think about how you would like to spend your time now that your last child is off to college.

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empty nest hobbies

Empty Nest Hobbies

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Depending on your personality and interests there are so many possibilities for an empty nest hobby. I have linked to other posts on Almost Empty Nest and other bloggers who blog about these hobbies so you can get more information about how to get started and how to enjoy your new hobbies to the fullest.

Empty Nest Hobbies for Adventurers

  • Travel
  • RV travel: Follow my friend LuAnn Street and her husband as they blog about their RV adventures at Streets Wander.
  • Camping
  • Scuba Diving and Snorkeling
  • Cross Fit

Adventure, Outdoor Loving, and Physically Active Hobbies During a Pandemic

  • My husband who uses exercise (cross fit) as his main stress relief during normal times has purchased a Peloton bicycle. We are all waiting by the front door for its arrival. The problem with a Peloton is it is pricey, but the problems with not exercising are worse – stress, weight gain, and loss of muscle. We may be out of the gyms for quite a while because they are germy places under the best of circumstances, so if you replace your gym membership costs with the monthly cost of a Peloton, we figure it will come out even eventually.
  • If you do not want to invest in a Peloton, there are tons of you-tube videos of workouts and many of your favorite instructors may be making their own videos at this time. I have reconnected with a favorite yoga instructor from the past who is sharing yoga workouts via Facebook live.
  • You can still hike, camp, fish, run and walk outside, work in the yard, and other adventurous activities. You are just going to have to keep your appropriate social distance and wash your hands a lot!
  • Make plans! Get out a notebook and start making your list of everything you are going to do when we are done sheltering in place.
  • Take a virtual tour of another country or someplace you would like to visit with Google Street View.
  • Take a virtual hike through the Redwood Forest.


 Empty Nest Hobbies for those who love the Outdoors

  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • RV Travel
  • Bee Keeping
  • Gardening
  • Bird watching
  • Geocaching


Empty Nest Hobbies for those who love staying Physically Active

  • Cross Fit
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Biking
  • Running
  • Yoga


Empty Nest Hobbies for those who want to Connect with Others

  • Volunteering
  • Dance Lessons
  • Entertain/throw parties or start a dinner club
  • Exercise classes
  • Whatever your interest join a club and explore your hobby with other enthusiasts.


Pandemic Activities for Connectors and Servers

There is no one harder hit by the shelter in place orders than those who thrive on connection, so here are some suggestions:

  • I saw the most amazing activity on a Facebook post. A neighborhood had a gathering OUTSIDE, using a yardstick to make sure everyone who was not living in the same household was sitting more than 6 feet apart. They played all sorts of games like ice breaker questions and chirades. The hostess put preprepared cards in baggies for each family along with gloves. There was a grand prize of a face mask and a roll of toilet paper for the winner. So get to planning a neighborhood party.
  • Maybe plan a socially distant neighborhood graduation ceremony for the high school seniors in your area.
  • If you have not learned how to use some of the amazing technology for facetiming and zooming, it is time to do so. Call up a teen or anyone with knowledge and have them make a video for you showing you how to facetime, how to throw a Zoom party, or how to use your Alexa calling feature, then call them now!
  • Use the above technologies to host game nights and other fun virtually. You are going to have to get creative, but you can do this. No one is better at planning get-togethers than you, so get after it!
  • Servants, now is your time to shine. You may not be able to do your normal volunteer activities, but there are plenty of things to do like calling the lonely and talking to them. Make or buy cards and send them. Make care packages. For ideas see Care Package Ideas.
  • If you have money to spare, get takeout from local restaurants or buy gift cards from them and other local retailers to use in the future.
  • Donate to your church or other charities to help those families who have lost income during this time.
  • If you are willing and have time, you might consider signing up as a food delivery person or store shelf stocker. You can make some extra money, get out of the house, and shorten the wait times for those waiting on grocery and other deliveries.


Empty Nest Hobbies for Creatives

Creating and Learning during a Pandemic

Well, creators and Learners are in their element right now and may even be secretly enjoying the extra time to work on creative and learning activities. The problem comes in making sure you have the supplies you need. I get about 3 emails a day from Michaels saying that you can order online and pick things up curbside. Other online retailers are also a possibility.




Empty Nest Hobbies 1

Empty Nest Hobbies for those who love to Learn

  • Go back to school
  • Reading
  • Learn a new language
  • Technology
  • Financial Planning
  • Start a podcast
  • Collecting

Learning During a Pandemic:

Good news, learners, there is not much learning that cannot be done online. Amazon is offering TWO MONTH FREE TRIALS on Kindle Unlimited Subscriptions right now.


Empty Nest Hobbies for Inspirers

  • Volunteer for organizations who advocate for your interests
  • Join a political campaign
  • Write letters to the editor of newspapers
  • Write your congressman
  • Teach others about your areas of advocacy
  • Start a blog about your interests
  • Post inspirational messages on social media
  • Vow to build others up with your desire to inspire


Inspiring During a Pandemic

You are the one who is supposed to keep us sane during this crazy time. It may be tempting to beat everyone over the head with your opinions about how all of this should be handled, but keep your opinions at the minimum and your inpiration at the maximum. Post inspiring messages on social media encouraging everyone to work together and assuring us all that we can get through this. Post funny things. Post uplifting things. Encourage those who are obviously down. You know we can do this, so grab that bullhorn and let us all know that we can as well!


I hope you will use these ideas for Empty Nest Hobbies to enrich your life and have fun. While no hobby ever replaces your children, it can be exhilarating to discover new things and explore ideas you have always wanted to, but never had the time to before.

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  1. I love your new blog, it has a lot of great ideas. I took the super powers test and mine is creativity which was spot on. I found a lot of ideas that pertain to me. Thank you, Linda

    • Thank you, Linda! It was fun to create and hope it helps many others as well.

  2. Hi! I am a retired empty nester not because I have children who have left home but because my life partner recently died from prostrate cancer. While many things from your blog may not apply to me I’m enjoying your blog and use what I can take from it. Your super powers test was right on for me. My main super power is learning and I love to read, and learn how to DIY things and make various crafts. Thank you!

    • Awesome. I am a learner also. I love to read and learn how to do new things. Blessings!



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