Adventure 1

Your Super Power is


 You love to be active and have a long bucket list of things you have not done yet, but have a tenacious resolve to complete.

You embrace new hobbies, places, and people easily and have a determination for completing challenges that is unmatched by many of your acquaintances.

You are usually enthusiastic and sometimes leap before you look.


What Can Happen When You Embrace Your Adventure Super Power?

You can have fun, sister! You are way more about experiences than stuff and that keeps you grounded. You are curious and want to participate in everything this life has to offer. Your ability to live outside of your comfort zone will see you through the years after your children leave home.

Your Strengths

Spontaneous and fun-loving

Not afraid of a challenge

Ability to enjoy the moment

Your Challenges

Forgetting to Plan Ahead

Easily Bored

Occasionally Overindulging

What Will Keep You From Going off the Rails of Adventure?

You may have more time than ever to embrace your adventurous side. Remember to take it a little slower than you might like at times. Make good plans and don't hurt yourself because you keep forgetting you are not 25 anymore.

If all of your previous adventures involved your kids, it is time to meet some new folks. Your kids cannot show up every time you think of something fun and new to do.

Fortunately there are unlimited sources of new friends when you are an adventurer. Whether you enjoy exercise, travel, or days at the lake, there are groups you can join to indulge your hobbies. 

Check out the resources available for Adventurers at the bottom of this page.

Wait. This does not sound anything like me….

If you have landed on the wrong Super Power, then hop over to the other Super Power profiles to see which one seems more like you.

This quiz was created for fun and no therapists, psychologists, scientists, or other people with letters after their names were harmed (or paid) in the creation of this quiz, so feel free to peek at the other results and find your best match. 

What Do I Do Now?

  • Check out the other Super Power profiles to find your secondary Super Power. (You can have more than one!!) The links to the other 5 Super Powers are above.
  • Read the Never Really Empty Nest Super Power Guide for more insight into how to rock your Super Power. 
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