Connections 1

Your Super Power is


You know the value of good friendships and you love your people deeply.

You would be lost without a tribe of girlfriends to hang out with and depend on in times of crises.

You are in tune to others' feelings and reach out to those who need to be included.




What Can Happen When You Embrace Your Connections Super Power?

 You can have fun and love the people in your life! You are a joiner and an inviter to any and all social gatherings. Your ability to reach out to others will keep you from being lonely in the years after your children leave home.

Your Strengths

Love for Others

Inviting and Inclusive


Your Challenges

Fear of being alone

Not taking care of yourself 

Seeking approval of others

What Will Keep You From Going off the Rails of Connections?

You may have an easier time when your children leave home than some of your friends because you have so many people in your life whom you love and can confide in.

However, if you spent all of your connecting skills on your children and in organizations involving your children, it may take time to build new relationships.

Be patient with yourself and others as you make new friends and your relationships with old friends change. Your enthusiasm for others and spirit of joining will pay off with a tribe of people who love and appreciate you as much as you do them.

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What Do I Do Now?

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