Creativity 1

Your Super Power is



You are most in your element when you are creating something or thinking up ideas of things to create.

You make the world a more beautiful and/or yummy place with your art, food, and free-spirit.

You are not afraid to experiment with new materials, ingredients, and colors. 

What Can Happen When You Embrace Your Creativity Super Power?

 You will never be bored, Sister! You will always have more ideas than time to complete them. You are the one who has already cleaned out a space in your child's room to expand the space available for projects. Your excitement for creating will see you through the years after your children leave home.

Your Strengths

Lots and lots of ideas

Appreciation for beauty

Ability to entertain yourself

Your Challenges

Structure and Organization

Getting lost in your work

Occasionally Impractical

What Will Keep You From Going off the Rails of Creativity?

Ok. You have the new creative room set up. Your ideas are coming to fruition after years of dreaming. You have even already started advertising your new cake making or event planning business, but have you thought everything through?

You may need to enlist the help of a more “practical” and less visionary friend to keep you focused, not overspending to make your vision come to life, and on task with deadlines. 

Even if you have no business aspirations, be sure to come out of your creativity cloud every now and then and pay attention to the important people in your life. 

Check out the resources available for Creators at the bottom of this page.

Wait. This does not sound anything like me….

If you have landed on the wrong Super Power, then hop over to the other Super Power profiles to see which one seems more like you.

This quiz was created for fun and no therapists, psychologists, scientists, or other people with letters after their names were harmed (or paid) in the creation of this quiz, so feel free to peek at the other results and find your best match. 

What Do I Do Now?

  • Check out the other Super Power profiles to find your secondary Super Power. (You can have more than one!!) The links to the other 5 Super Powers are above.
  • Read the Never Really Empty Nest Super Power Guide for more insight into how to rock your Super Power. 
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