Super Power How-To Guide



Guide 1

Step One: Reflect on Your Super Power

The Never Really Empty Nest Super Power Quiz is not a diagnosis or an absolute explanation of what makes you tick. It is a tool, based on 10 questions, to help you reflect and plan for the future. So, ask yourself the following questions:


  • Does this profile feel like me?
  • Which strengths are spot-on and which are not? What would I add?
  •  Which challenges are spot-on and which are not? What would I add?
  • Am I currently living my Super Power?
  • What would I dream of doing to make my Super Power come even more alive?

Step Two: Explore the Other Profiles

Explore the Other Profiles and decide if there is one you think better exemplifies your Super Power or if you have more than one Super Power.

Ask Yourself the same questions from Step One with your new or secondary Super Power.


Guide 2

Step Three: Know the Secret

There is a secret, Girl. The secret is that You are your Super Power. You are uniquely and wonderfully made with unique gifts and talents. You get to decide whether and how to use them.

You get to decide how you want the rest of your life to play out. You get to decide if you are on the path you want to be on.

Remember when you were a little girl and you thought about your hopes and dreams? It is not too late to make your dreams happen.

If things are not going right, you get to decide to change directions.

You have the ability to call for help if you need it (and we all do). No one was born with the ability to do everything all alone all the time.

You have the POWER! Put on your mask and cape and embrace it!


Step Four: Embrace the Resources

Life is too short to live anything but the Super Power life you were meant to live. 

There are resources listed below to help you jump start your Super Power, whether you would like a few new ideas to further feather your nest or you feel like you have a dead battery.

Be sure to read 50+ Hobbies for Empty Nesters. It contains ideas for every Super Power and is now adapted as the “Stuck at Home” Edition.

The time is now.

You've got this.



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