Inspiration 1

Your Super Power is


 You know how to create an inspiring message and spur people to action. 

You like to push the envelope and want to leave the world a better place for your children and grandchildren.

You are not afraid of push back from others and persistently share your ideas and take steps to achieve your ideas.


What Can Happen When You Embrace Your Inspiration Super Power?

You can change the world, sister! You know that change begins with you and you are devoted to the things you believe will help make an impact. You are rarely discouraged and have a determined spirit not shared by many. Your optimism and vision for the future will see you through the years after your children leave home.

Your Strengths


Not afraid of a challenge


Your Challenges

Sometimes too intense

Frustration with others

Knowing where to focus

What Will Keep You From Going off the Rails of Inspiration?

You may have been waiting for years to have enough time to work on your ideas and causes. Don't let the sudden availability of time derail you by taking on too many things at once.

Figuring out where to focus your efforts is a true challenge. Should you write a letter to the editor of your paper, march on Washington, or volunteer locally, or all three?

Unless you have come up with an idea that has never been thought of, there should be places already set up to get involved. Do your research before you jump in too deep. Make sure the organization you want to volunteer with truly shares your vision. 

Also, be aware that you may come across as extremely intense to some of your friends and family. Be sure to cultivate other areas of conversation.

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Wait. This does not sound anything like me….

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This quiz was created for fun and no therapists, psychologists, scientists, or other people with letters after their names were harmed (or paid) in the creation of this quiz, so feel free to peek at the other results and find your best match. 

What Do I Do Now?

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