Learning 1

 Your Super Power is



It does not matter the vacation, your mental picture is of you reading a book – on the beach, by the pool, by the fire, on the deck….

You love to learn new things and travel. You are the all-time friends and family champion of trivia games.

You are open to new ideas and ways of doing things because you are always learning.


What Can Happen When You Embrace Your Learning Super Power?

You have the advantage that you rarely feel lonely. Because you love to learn and think, you are comfortable with yourself.  Your intellectual curiosity helps you get to the bottom of things and you do not stop asking question until you are satisfied you completely understand. If you want to see a movie, but don't have anyone to go with, you will go alone. Your independent spirit and desire to continue to develop your mind will see you through the years after your children leave home.

Your Strengths

Comfortable alone

Not afraid of new ideas


Your Challenges

Asking too many questions

Can seem aloof

Trouble with small talk

What Will Keep You From Going off the Rails of Learning?

You may have more time than ever to read and learn new things. Remember to occasionally put your head up and recognize those around you. There are things to be learned from others even in small talk. You never know when small talk will lead to a truly intellectually stimulating conversation.

Also be aware that others may see you as aloof and standoffish. Try not to think so hard all of the time and enjoy the moment. Not everything is a problem to be solved or an invitation to share everything you have learned on a topic.

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Wait. This does not sound anything like me….

If you have landed on the wrong Super Power, then hop over to the other Super Power profiles to see which one seems more like you.

This quiz was created for fun and no therapists, psychologists, scientists, or other people with letters after their names were harmed (or paid) in the creation of this quiz, so feel free to peek at the other results and find your best match. 

What Do I Do Now?

  • Check out the other Super Power profiles to find your secondary Super Power. (You can have more than one!!) The links to the other 5 Super Powers are above.
  • Read the Never Really Empty Nest Super Power Guide for more insight into how to rock your Super Power. 
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