Service 1

Your Super Power is


 You like saying “yes.” It gets a bad rap from some, but it is your happy place. You love to help and serve others.

You do not usually care what movie you see or where you vacation, you just want to be with those you love. 

You are the first to volunteer for sometimes thankless tasks, but are happy to do it.


What Can Happen When You Embrace Your Service Super Power?

You can bring joy and love every minute of it! You are uniquely made to find joy in others' successes and blessings. There is hardly a jealous bone in your body and that helps you live a life of peaceful contentment. Your ability to love and say “yes” will see you through the years after your children leave home.

Your Strengths


Easy Going

Make things happen

Your Challenges

Forgetting self care

Turning people into projects

People pleasing

What Will Keep You From Going off the Rails of Service?

You have always been a person of service. Your children leaving home does not change this. Before you say “yes” to gobs more ways to serve in order to fill your time (and because people assume you have more of it now), take time to reflect on how YOU WANT to serve. Volunteer for organizations and in activities that give you meaning. It is ok to occasionally be selfish and pick and choose how you give of yourself and your time.

Your desire to please others can wear you down and you can find yourself disappointed and hurt if you are unable to truly making a difference in someone's life. Remember that in the end, only they can decide to better themselves. 

Check out the resources available for Servers at the bottom of this page.

Wait. This does not sound anything like me….

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This quiz was created for fun and no therapists, psychologists, scientists, or other people with letters after their names were harmed (or paid) in the creation of this quiz, so feel free to peek at the other results and find your best match. 

What Do I Do Now?

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