Empty Nest Survival Kit

Empty Nest Survival Kit

Empty Nest Survival Kit 

Do you have a friend who is a new empty nester who could use some encouragement? Create an Empty Nest Survival Kit to put a smile on her face while she is going through the transition from a full nest to an empty nest. (It's ok to make an empty nest survival kit for yourself!)

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Empty Nest Survival Kit

 Empty Nest Survival Kit

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What do you think should go in an empty nest survival kit? I have surveyed readers over the years, but am just now creating a kit. The key to a good empty nest survival kit and empty nester gift basket is knowing the recipient. While some items are a good idea for almost all empty nest survival kits, the more personal your gift is, the more it will be appreciated.



Many of these items were suggested by readers!

Books about empty nesting (or any topic they are interested in). Check out 10 Best Books for Empty Nesters for Ideas.

Audio book credits. (These are great for listening to on the road to visit the kids 😉 )

Bubble bath and other personal pampering items

Board and card games for two people (or more so they can invite you over to play)

Gift cards for hobbies and interests (Michael's, Hobby Lobby, theater, movies, book stores)



Yard games like pickleball and croquet

Restaurant gift cards

Notebook for making a bucket list of all the things she would like to do like The Clever Fox Bucket List Journal

Nice pens to use to write in their bucket list notebook

The Couple's Bucket List: 100 Fresh Date Night Idea Cards

Help them with some travel ideas with Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World's Most Amazing Places

Popcorn for watching Netflix and other movie channels

New Bible or devotional books

Puppy (you should probably ask first!)

A night out or in with YOU!

Amazon Show to video call the kids (they will need one as well)

Puzzle (If you are ever sending an empty nest survival kit to me, this is what I would like!)

Empty Nester Christmas ornament or other gift ideas from 13 Gift Ideas for Empty Nesters

Empty Nest Survival Kit

How to Put Together your Empty Nest Survival Kit and Empty Nester Gift Basket:

Put your fun items together to create an empty nester gift basket and tie it up with a bow. I created this basket with a Springbok Puzzle, a gift card to Michael's, some chocolate, wine, bath bombs, and Jill Savage's Empty Nest, Full Life. Brighten the day of an empty nesting friend with an Empty Nest Survival Kit!


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