First Apartment Care Package


Our baby boy moved into his first apartment this year with all the privileges and headaches that entails. Independence and control of the living environment are the privileges. Stopping up the toilet and burning food are the headaches. One of the dearest of life lessons – with privilege comes responsibility. Being the awesome mom that I am, I wanted to assist with the responsibilities, so I put together this First Apartment Care Package.


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First Apartment Care Package 1

First Apartment Care Package


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When he moved into his very first apartment this summer for his 8 week internship, I bought every cleaning product on the shelves. I told him, “I know you probably won’t use them this summer, but they will be here for us to use when we come to help you move out.” I can report that some of the products were used by the boys. A few areas of the apartment were remarkably clean, while others had been completely ignored. The summer apartment was a good warm-up for the real deal this school year.

We moved him into his school year apartment a few weeks ago. He had practiced a few cooking skills over the summer including learning to saute a salmon filet, but needed a few more things in his repertoire. Enter Mom and the First Apartment Care Package and Recipes for His First Apartment His care package included the following items:

A Slow Cooker – I chose the Hamilton Beach 33957 Programmable Stay or Go Slow Cooker, 5-Quart, Silver slow cooker because it had a timer and was a good size for cooking for one or two people. A timer is a necessity if you don’t want to come home to dried out food or food that has gone completely to mush.

The pantry items to make the recipes.

Recipes adapted to serve 2 people. (See below)

These recipes include very specific instructions for a college student learning to cook. My aunt once told me, “If you can read, you can cook.” That is true only after you have learned the basics and are given a few helpful and time-saving suggestions – like “don’t forget to line the crock in the slow cooker!” Finally I placed each recipe in a sheet protector and attached them all together with a ring.

Send these recipes on to any beginning cooks you know and comment with your helpful and time-saving suggestions for college students and others taking their first plunges into preparing their own food.

This past Christmas I gifted both of my boys with the How to Cook Everything: The Basics Cookbook to expand their cooking skills. This book would make a useful addition to any First Apartment Care Package.


Recipe adapted from Chef In Training


Recipe adapted from All Recipes

beef stroganoff for 2A

First Apartment Care Package 2

Super Easy Beef Stroganoff

All the ingredients in the crockpot. It could not be easier and is very filling!

First Apartment Care Package 3

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