Gift Ideas for Planner Lovers

15 Gift Ideas for Planner Lovers

15 Gift Ideas for Planner Lovers


Raise your hand if you love planners or know someone who loves planners?

My hand is high in the air! I love all things planners – the planner itself, stickers, colored pens, notebooks, and more.

If you love planners and are making your gift list or are buying for someone who loves planners, read along for Gift Ideas for Planner Lovers!

15 Gift Ideas for Planner Lovers

Gift Ideas for Planner Lovers

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Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for Planner Lovers 

desk top with "plan" and "believe" metal bookmarks on a planner and on a trinket tray

Erin Condren has created these gorgeous metal bookmarks. You can choose from “plan,” “create,” or “believe.” It’s going to be 2021 and it’s time to do all three! 

gold pen with triangle shaped blue box

I love this Erin Condren Gold Pen. It is not only beautiful, but also a gel pen. Writing with a gel pen is easier on the hands (I have arthritis in my fingers!!) than a ball point and the writing looks luxurious when you are finished.

gray velvet pencil holder

This lush velvet pencil holder with a Hello Kitty zipper pull would be appreciated by anyone who wants to keep their writing instruments together in a purse, tote, or backpack.

folio of hello kitty sticky notes

Give them some fun with a folio of Hello Kitty Sticky Notes.

set of markers

“I don’t need any more markers,” said no planner lover ever.

flowered pen in flowered box

How gorgeous is this pen? It is a ball point, which many prefer to gel because the ink does not smear – especially important if you are left handed.

mechanical pencil

And some things need to be penciled in and what a beautiful pencil to do that with.

small planner

Sometimes you need a pocket planner to keep with you at all times to record things on the fly. Erin Condren makes planners that are only 3.5″x6.25″ just for this purpose.

set of stickers for each month

Another item a planner lover can never have enough of is STICKERS. They will be delighted to find this set of stickers for each month in their stocking.

More Gift Ideas for Planner Lovers

acyrlic block perpetual calendar

Isn’t this fun? This acryclic block perpetual calendar would look super on any desk!

daily calendar pad

You can schedule your entire week and to-do lists with this Metallic Layers Designer Schedule Pad.  

Erin Condren spiral notebook

You would not believe how amazing an Erin Condren coiled notebook is. I am using one to plan an event. The pages are the thickest I have ever seen and you can choose from several layouts.

white board wall calendar

We are all about white boards at our house. Isn’t this white board wall calendar the best?!! It is completely customizable and has tons of options and accessories.

gray planner tote bag

This stylish planner tote is perfect for someone always on the go and needing access to their planner.

Erin Condren planner bundle of products

You know she deserve it. Get her the whole planner bundle!

Whether you are making a wish list for yourself or buying for someone else, the Erin Condren 2020 Holiday Collection has it all! They have tons of gorgeous products and gift ideas for planner lovers. Many are under $25.  

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