30 Ideas for Best Gifts for Teens and Best Gifts for College Students

Shopping for teens and college students can be fun and challenging. It seems that the older kids get, the smaller and more expensive the presents are. I remember needing two rolls of wrapping paper to wrap a giant plastic car for my toddlers. Now I sometimes need barely a square of wrapping paper and the gift costs 5 times what the giant plastic car cost. But, if you know where to look, there are many gifts for this age group that do not need a charging cable. Read through this list of Best Gifts for Teens and Best Gifts for College Students for awesome present ideas that will not break the bank.

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best gifts for teens

Best Gifts for Teens and Best Gifts for College Students

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Best Gifts for Teens and College Students: Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys and College Guys

Teenage boys can be SO HARD to buy for. Here are some unique gift ideas for teenage boys.

If your teen or college student (boy or girl) does not have a pair of AirPods, I promise you they want them.

Nice workout socks like these from Bombas will be worn everyday whether they are working out, lounging around, or every day with tennis shoes.

11 in 1 Wallet Multitool

This 11 in 1 Wallet Multitool would make a good stocking stuffer for all of the men in your life. It’s a screwdriver, bottle opener, cutting tool, wrench, and more.

Hydroflask has figured out what other makers of stainless steel water bottles have not by making the opening large enough for ice cubes. These stainless steel bottle are the best! Our family loves them. (The girls love them too!)

Bath and Body Gift sets like this one from Kiehl’s will definitely be used. Every guy needs soap and shaving cream. Having nice products will make them feel good and confident.

Best Gifts for Teens and College Students: Gift Ideas for College Students, Teenage Boys, and Teenage Girls 

Here are some fun ideas for all of the teens and college students on your list

exploding kittens card game

Exploding Kittens is a “game of the year” award winner and is the perfect holiday gift if you’re looking for a board game for adults and teens. It is a highly-strategic, kitty-powered version of Russian roulette. 

Phones never have enough battery and a portable phone charger is a must. Mine has saved me more times than I can count.

An air lounger is perfect for the backyard, the beach, the quad on campus, or the family room. My daughter had one she used to take to track meets. You do not have to blow these up. Just swing through the air and fold into position.

Help them keep their phone where they can see it so they are not fumbling around the car for it. Whether they are using the GPS or listening to music, a car phone vent mount will make their day.

weighted blanket

A weighted blanket was the most fought over item by the teens and college students at a large family dirty Santa last year.

We have life hammers in all of our cars. These hammers can help you escape your car in an emergency. They will cut a seat belt and break a car window

Everyone needs a new pair of house shoes. House shoes keep your feet warm in the winter and are great to slip on in the dorm to keep your feet off the perhaps less-than-super-clean floors.  

Do they like movies? Challenge them to see the top 100 movies of all time with this movie bucket list scratch off poster.

miss peregrine's peculiar children boxed set

A boxed set of books like this Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children set will be a welcome gift for a winter day.

Best Gift Ideas for College Girls and Teenage Girls

The girls are easier and often more fun to buy for – there are so many possibilities.

Any college girl would LOVE this steamer. My husband and I have one of these in our bathroom. It is AMAZING. Wrinkles gone in a flash without setting up an ironing board. (Some of the guys might appreciate it as well. My sons think they are good with a bottle of Downey Spray….)

My daughter and I both love our real acrylic makeup storage units. Real acrylic ones are sturdy and last for years (instead of months with cheap plastic ones). 

Love these new travel jewelry cases by Stackers. Any woman in your life would love one of these!

I love everything made by The Rifle Paper Company – gorgeous covers and thick, bleed-free paper. I have this set of notebooks. They each have a topic for my notes and journaling. Any girl would feel special to whip one of these out in class.

A beautiful and fun set of gel pens would go great with the Rifle Paper Notebooks.

Teens and college girls are always taking their makeup places – to a friend’s house or back and forth from college. A new makeup bag would fit the bill. I like how this one has a separate zip pouch at the bottom for brushes or whatever she would like to separate from her other items.

Everyone needs a felt letter board. These are so fun for commemorating events in pictures. (See my daughter holding one on her first day of school here.) They are also fun for encouraging messages!

“Meh” is one of the many things I hear my daughter say that I was not aware were words. May as well put it on a coffee mug.

How about a high school bucket list book? 97 Things to do Before You Finish High School sounds like an instagram worthy project.

Give her an easy way to spend some time with God with this 3 Minute Devotions Guide.

Subscription Care Packages for Teens and College Students

 Give the gift that gives all year. A monthly or quarterly subscription box. Every month or quarter the gift recipient will receive a box from the subscription service filled with goodies for them to enjoy.

Craft subscription boxes are fun for those wanting a creative outlet. Craft in Style boxes feature new projects, easy instructions, all the supplies, and free gifts along the way! Crafts vary from terrariums, clay marbling, candles, gold gilding, sun print photography + more. All boxes can be customized for you.

Snack Nation provides healthy snack box subscriptions in three categories – tasting, deluxe, and gluten free. Perfect for a student who is having difficulty finding healthy treats on campus.

Do you have ideas for the Best Gifts for Teens and the Best Gifts for College Students? Share your best gifts for teens and best gifts for college students in the comment section below.


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