Gluten Free and Vegan Care Packages

gluten free and vegan care packages and ideas

Gluten Free and Vegan Care Packages

Many people need to eat gluten free or prefer vegan food and products. Shopping for and finding these specialty products can be difficult especially if you are not sure if a product meets the requirements. Fortunately, several companies make gluten free and vegan care packages that you can send to your college student.

gluten free and vegan care packages and ideas

Gluten Free and Vegan Care Packages and Ideas

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Love Goodly carries eco-friendly, non-toxic, organic, cruelty-fee, non-gmo and vegan products. Whether you are looking for a few items or would like to order a pre-made subscription boxLove Goodly delivers boxes with full-size premium products dedicated to nontoxic beauty, eco lifestyle and wellness. You can order one box or a series of boxes to cheer up your college student who may be feeling neglected in the school cafeteria and stores surrounding her school.

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Love With Food helps you discover new organic, all-natural, or gluten-free snacks. Their snacks do not contain flavoring, coloring, trans fats, hydrogenated oils, or high fructose corn syrup. You can send a one-time box or a monthly membership, which starts as low as $7.99/month. They donate a portion of their proceeds to help fight childhood hunger.

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Snack sack is a Crate Joy “Best of 2019” Favorite. Each Snack Sack includes 11-15 Gluten Free certified snacks. You can also choose the Classic, Vegan, or Workplace snack sacks. The reviews are great. Prices start at $22.67/mo. They have awesome gluten free and vegan care packages!

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Can you believe these gorgeous cookies are gluten free? Each month receive 12 gorgeous, yummy, and gluten free cookies for as low as $28.50! They also have cookie decorating kits. All of the profits go toward adoption fees.

Sugar wish cookie care package


Sugarwish also carries gluten-free and vegan cookie selections for their care packages. I have tasted the Double Chocolate Gluten Free/Vegan cookie and it was Mmmmm……..


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Kernal Crate boxes are tree nut free, peanut free, and gluten free. They include 3 unique flavors every month.

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A monthly gluten free pizza subscription would be the perfect treat for any college student and way better than the gluten free options available in the cafeteria. Each month receive 4 frozen pizzas from Roberto's Pizza.

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Karma Baker, a long time gluten free and vegan bakery in Los Angeles, will send a gift box of their most sought-after favorites including a cake pop, donuts, and cookies. Yum!

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Elevate Snack Boxes are gluten free, vegan, and dairy free. They include 20 plant based items.

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Add Gluten free packages to the list of things of things you can get on Amazon. This care package from Bunny James has amazing reviews.

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 Amazon care will ship a Bunny James Vegan Care Packages right to your college student's door!


There are also many non-food items that will be appreciated in a care package for those with unique dietary needs. Ideas include:

  • School supplies like pencils, pens, highlighters, notepads
  • Socks
  • Seasonal paper or non-disposable goods (napkins, plates, cups)
  • Seasonal room decorations
  • Lip balm
  • Stress Balls – these emoji stress balls are my favorite!!
  • Toiletries

Care Packages are one of the best ways to show your college student that you love them and are thinking about them. If they are gluten free or vegan or have any special diet, a box filled with items they can eat without worry is an exceptional treat. Being able to purchase Gluten Free and Vegan care Packages is also a treat for the gift giver!


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  1. We received the Bunny James one once and I was pretty impressed. I’ve love someone to give me all these care packages LOL

  2. These are great packages! My husband is gluten free and travels for work constantly. Such a great idea to send him as a care package – pinning this for future reference!


  3. Could you please make up a gluten-free passover package for me to arrange for my daughter who lives in High Falls, New York 12440?

    Ideally it would have gluten-free Streit’s matzah (even if it is not kosher for Passover), G-f chicken soup, charoseth, brisket or wild salmon?

    • Hi! I don’t make custom care packages. I have a store with a few care packages available at



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