Halloween Care Package Ideas


The last text I received from my college son was a “Thank you, Mom!” for the Halloween Care Package I sent him. I have sent him care packages before, but this one was the absolute best because it was a collaborative effort from a Care Package Party I hosted. We made 13 boxes for our kids and had a fun time talking and laughing throughout the afternoon. If you are a college mom, I encourage you to get a group of friends together, share your Halloween Care Package Ideas, and get some fun treats in the mail to your kiddos.

For more Halloween Care Package Ideas:

Halloween Care Package Ideas

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Below are the pictures from the Halloween Care Package party I hosted. I made the box decorations on Pic Monkey. I found many of the item tags through Pinterest. You may follow the links to the websites where I found them. 

Everyone brought something for the boxes.

I found this adorable tag here. We had pump hand soap for the boys.

Gloves with Smarties in the fingers

Fab{BOO}Lous Stuffed Mason Jars. Tags are here.

Cute tags are a must!

Hershey’s kisses and plastic spider rings in a bag for “Bugs and Kisses.” The tags can be found here.

Hershey Bars dressed up for Halloween

Trick or Treat Twix Bars


A care package party is a fun and easy way to create care packages. Each guest brings an item to contribute to the boxes and then leaves with a box full of treats for their child. Everyone can bring their own box or the hostess can go to the post office before the party and get free priority mail boxes. These ship for a standard amount, regardless of weight. The box decorations in this post fit the medium priority mail boxes. If you would like to print my box decorations, they are available in the Subscriber’s Library. You may gain access to the library by subscribing below. 

I make all of my box decorations and tags with:

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