How to Pay for College Resources

how to pay for college resources

How to Pay for College Resources

Worrying about how to pay for college is not fun. Becoming educated on all of the ways to pay for college and setting up a Paying for College plan is the best way to reduce stress. And knowing that you have a plan in place to get through all four years of schooling with each child will ease your mind and help your pocket book.

I have collected the best How to Pay for College Resources in one place to help you successfully prepare.

How to Pay for College Resources 1

How to Pay for College Resources

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Get Educated on College Funding Sources

There are so many sources of college funding – savings plans, loans, scholarships, grants, work-study, and more. It will pay to know everything you can about each type. The following posts explain various types of college funding and give helpful tips.

The Complete Guide to Paying for College:  includes information about every source of college funding.

How to Win Scholarships and Pay for College:  Advice from a Scholarship Specialist and Mom who helped her son win more than $100,000 in scholarships.

The Scholarship System Interview and Review: Advice from a Scholarship expert and founder of The Scholarship System.

Tax Deductions and Credits for Parents of College Students: information about the various tax deductions and credits available to parents of college students. If you are going to have to pay for it, you may as well be able to deduct it!


Understand the FAFSA

Filing a FAFSA is a necessary evil unless you are able to completely pay for college with savings and income. Some schools will award university based scholarship dollars without it, but many will still require it. The FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It is completely FREE to file. Do not fall for a website that offers to file it for you for a fee. is the official website and has everything you need. The FAFSA for the next school year is released the previous October 1.

Prepare for filing it by gathering everything you need with a FREE FAFSA checklist.


Make a Plan

Are you struggling to figure out a plan for paying for college? You've come to the right place. Almost Empty Nest has two systems for setting up and following the perfect paying for college plan.

FREE Paying for College Workbook:  You can download the Paying for College Workbook below this post.

Paying for College Spreadsheet: A complete spreadsheet to record all of your sources of college funding, budget for every semester, and prepare a payment plan for any student loans.


How to Pay for College Resources from around the Web

Monica Mathews writes about winning scholarships on her blog How To Win Scholarships. She successfully helped her son win enough scholarship money to pay for college. Her blog contains tips, tricks, and information about all types of scholarships and how to be the best scholarship candidate.

The Scholarship System is a complete course, program, and community for those who are serious about paying for college with scholarships.



Use these How to Pay for College Resources to understand, plan, and prepare for the college years and don't forget to download your FREE Paying for College Workbook.



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