Laundry Care Package

laundry care package

Laundry Care Package


Looking for a fun and useful gift for a college student? How about a Loads of Fun Laundry Care Package? A care package filled with laundry essentials will be welcome by anyone who would like to have clean clothes. These DIY care packages also make great graduation gifts. The cute laundry care package printable is located in the Subscriber's Library. You may gain access to the library by subscribing below.


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laundry care package

Laundry Care Package

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To create your DIY care package gather your supplies and download the FREE Printable “Have Loads of Fun in College” gift tag. You can sign up for access to the Subscriber's Library below this post.

Supply List:

White Cardstock

Cellophane Gift Bag

Cute Ribbon

Basket Filler

Book: Do Your Laundry or Die Alone

Laundry Soap

Stain Remover

Downey Wrinkle Release Spray (For the college student who does not want to iron.)

Bleach Crystals (They weigh a LOT less than liquid bleach!)

laundry care package with cute "have loads of fun in college" gift tag

Place several laundry products like detergent pods, bleach crystals, stain remover, and wrinkle releaser in a clear cellophane gift bag. Tie the bag with a cute ribbon and add this FREE PRINTABLE “Have Loads of Fun in College” gift tag. You may access the gift tag through the form at the bottom of this post. The laundry items also fit easily in a USPS medium flat rate box if you are mailing your graduation gift or are mailing it during the school year to your favorite college student.

Laundry Care Package 1

Do Your Laundry or Die Alone by Becky Blades is the most adorable graduation gift book I have ever seen. The advice is written in short, numbered paragraphs in a fun tone – something a college bound 18 year old might actually read.

Items to add to your Laundry Care Package:

Roll of quarters: Many dorms now offer the kids free access to washers and dryers, so they may not need the rolls of quarters anymore, but they always like money and gift cards.

Dryer sheets

Laundry Basket: Putting all of the supplies in a laundry basket will up the gift even more. Tie the “Loads of Fun” gift tag to the basket. You can use larger quantities of detergent and other supplies with a basket.

Steamer: Our entire family is in LOVE with our Rowenta steamer. It is so much easier to steam clothes rather than haul out the ironing board and iron.

Portable clothes line

StramperBag Backpack Laundry Bag

Laundry Care Package 2

Prefer a premade Laundry Care Package? Check this one out in the Almost Empty Nest store. Also available: Create you own Laundry Care Package with the Laundry Care Package Box Decorations. 

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