A Rewrite of “Let It Snow” for Busy Moms

(I wrote this in 2015. I guess the weather was quite warm last year instead of the sub-freezing temperatures we are experiencing this year.)

Oh, the weather outside is confusing

And a fire would not be amusing

But since there's so much to do,

Let us shop, let us clean, let us cook.

Oh, I've bought some presents for wrapping

And the music has me clapping

The lights in the yard don't work,

So let us shop, let us clean, let us cook.

When we finally go to bed,

It will be 3:00 in the morn,

But if you will brew up some joe

All the day long I will go

The clock is quickly ticking

And my kids, the beaters are licking

And as long as they love me so

Let us hug, let us laugh, let us glow!

Merry Christmas, Y'all!

May you and yours experience a blessed holiday season!




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