March Madness Care Package

march madness care package

March Madness Care Package

  March Madness is one of my favorite times of the year! Not because I love basketball that much, but because it reminds of my oldest son. I think he filled out his first bracket when he was 5 years old. He was instantly obsessed with the tournament and has loved basketball to this day. He now lives over 1200 miles away, but I know he will be watching every second of the tournament he can. And, he will have a March Madness Care Package from mom to provide some snacks while he watches. Subscribe above or below to receive the Care Package Box Decoration Printables!
March Madness Care Package 1

March Madness Care Package

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I went to the store to find orange things for the March Madness care package. Who knew there were so many foods and other items that are orange? I was hoping I would not run into anyone I knew because I looked like I had a bizarre new obsession.



March Madness Care Package 2
Coffee for maximum concentration while filling out the bracket.
March Madness Care Package 3
Tea for the agony of the blown bracket.
March Madness Care Package 4
A little sweet…. Hershey’s Caramel Kisses are orange with black stripes. Perfect!!! Reese’s makes these basketball sports tins every Valentine’s season. (May be able to find a clearance one if you hurry!)
March Madness Care Package 5
A little salty…. Orange Pringles and almonds with an orange lid.  
March Madness Care Package 6
I am IN LOVE with how cute these cuties are! Draw basketball lines on cutie oranges for a healthy treat.
March Madness Care Package 7
As long as they know not to eat Tide Pods, throw some in as well, so they can do some laundry while they watch the games.
March Madness Care Package 8
Sending it all in an adorable box tops it all off. Let the madness begin!!

How to Mail Your Care Packages:

I recommend Medium Flat Rate boxes from the post office. The boxes are free. You can pick them up before you make your boxes. They cost $16.10 to mail regardless of the weight.

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    • I know they will love it!!

  1. The medium Priority mail 3-day USPS Boxes to mail are $15.50

    • Thanks. They have changed the prices. I will get it updated.


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