My Almost Empty Nest 1

My Almost Empty Nest


I left my first-born on the sidewalk in front of a Shipley's Donuts in Waco, TX. I did not want to, but it was time. I held him until my husband said, “You have to let go, you know.” The good-bye was not as I pictured it, but most things never are. I didn't even cry. He was 2 weeks away from turning 19 and on the previous day we had moved him into his first “home away from home” – a dorm on the Baylor University Campus. As my husband, our daughter, and I headed out of the parking lot towards I-35 and our home, my nest was suddenly starting to empty.

I am a mom. I will always be a mom. It's one of the things I have always wanted to be for as long as I can remember. My nest has had 3 children: 2 rowdy boys and a precious girl. The first rowdy boy graduated from high school in May and is now a freshman in college. In five years all of my children will have flown off to new adventures. I am calling this blog, “almost empty nest” for two reasons. 1) My nest is not empty yet. I still have five exciting years of full-time bird watching. And 2) I don't think my nest will ever be “completely empty.” The nest I have built with my husband was built with faith and love. As our baby birds take full flight, they will never be completely gone from the heart of our nest. The faith and love will stay in the nest and the nest will always be a welcome place for our children, their friends, and their future families.

My prayers for this blog:

  • I will be able to provide resources for those whose children are anywhere in the college process. The last 2 years were fun as we searched for the perfect fit (and scholarship $$$$) for my oldest. We will begin this process soon with our second son.
  • It will be a place of growth for myself and anyone who wishes to share this experience with me. I invite you to join with me in the process of sending our baby birds off into the world and figuring out what our “almost empty nests” will be become.

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