Raising Responsible Teens: 10 Solutions that Work

Raising responsible teens is the desire of most parents. We want our teens to grow into responsible and resilient adults, able to take care of themselves and be a blessing to those around them. We also want our friends and family to encourage us in our efforts. It is hard to parent alone! Miranda Lamb is a mom who has been there. She is not only a mom, but also a teacher to families who have received a court order to participate in her small groups. Miranda has combined her practical experience and love for teens and their parents into a new book called Responsible and Resilient Teens: 10 Secret Parenting Solutions that Work.

raising responsible teens

 Raising Responsible Teens: 10 Solutions that Work

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Miranda begins Responsible and Resilient Teens: 10 Secret Parenting Solutions that Work by discussing the laying of a strong foundation within the family and with your teens. Working with your teens to be responsible and resilient can only begin once the foundation has been laid. After the foundation has been established, she gives her 10 Secret Parenting Solutions.

The 10 Solutions are:


Sometimes we can let the natural consequences of their irresponsibility do the job for us. Miranda helps us understand what a natural consequence is and when to let it take effect.


Miranda gives many reasons for how chores or physical work can benefit your teen. Her family lives on a farm so her teens have ample opportunities to work and build resilience and practical skills. She knows that most of us live in smaller spaces, so she includes a list of suggestions for other work. I chuckled remembering our kids working in our yard, speedily making crooked lines in the grass with the tractor and the time our daughter crashed the tractor into our swing set after trying out the cruise control. The work is not always perfect, but it does help them learn how to do it.



Money is always a tough subject, but Miranda lets us know that money talks! She discusses how to motivate your teens to earn money and to handle it well.



Electronics make our teens worlds go round. As parents we are more than accustomed to only seeing the top of their heads as they stare longingly into their phones. Miranda shares how to handle these precious electronic devices and gives various tips and tools for helping your teen live responsibily with them.



Even though you may want to run away from your teens at times, you have to stay and keep rearing them into functioning adults. However, sometimes you do have to walk away.  Miranda discusses when walking away is the best solution.



Something that started as a privilege can evolve into an entitlement. Miranda will help you know when this has occurred and what to do about it.


If we bale our teens out of the consequences from teachers, coaches, and other authority figures in their lives, we set them up for failure later. Unless your name is on the football stadium, you will not be able to call college professors or school administrators to handle bad grades or other issues with their behavior. And you definitely will not be able to call their employer. Miranda has seen the worst of this when kids wind up in court.



Miranda gives guidance on how to develop boundaries with your teen. She even gives hints on how to involve them in the process.


Reading Responsible and Resilient Teens: 10 Secret Parenting Solutions that Work is like talking to a girlfriend who has your back. Miranda encourages and supports you in your parenting journey. She is never judgmental in her approach. While she lets you know that raising responsible teens is not something that will happen without your involvement, she always gives grace and helps you release any guilt you may have about your relationship with your teens.

I give Responsible and Resilient Teens: 10 Secret Parenting Solutions that Work 5 stars and a MUST READ rating for any parent of teens.


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