Saint Patrick’s Day Care Package

saint patrick's day care package

Saint Patrick’s Day Care Package



Sending a Saint Patrick’s Day Care Package is complete fun for both the giver and the recipient. There are way more unique items to include in your Saint Patrick’s Day Care Package than will fit in the box.

The Saint Patrick’s Day Care Package Printables are available in the Printables Library. The printable includes a box decoration for sons as well as daughters. You may sign up below the post for access.

For more care package ideas:  College Care Package Ideas for Every Occasion.

saint patrick's day care package

Saint Patrick’s Day Care Package

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Below are the items I included in the Saint Patrick’s Day Care Package for my daughter. When preparing a care package, I usually start looking for items at Target while I am doing my usual grocery shopping. In this case I put my radar up for green items and there are a LOT OF GREEN ITEMS out there. Other places to look are Amazon for cute party supplies and other fun items, Etsy for done-for-you care packages, t-shirts, masks, jewelry and more, Michael’s, the Dollar Store, party stores, and anywhere you shop for groceries and household items.

Emerald brand snack packs

Healthy snacks are always a good thing to include in any care package. These Emerald brand 100 Calorie packs are perfect.

Cascade pods, Gain pods, and cleaning wipes

Green is the color of nature, freshness, and clean, so many cleaning products come in green packaging. Cleaning products are expensive so it is always good to include at least one in a college student’s care packages.

Gilette Venus razor blades

Another item I found while cruising the aisles at Target was razor blades in a green package. Razor blades make cleaning products look cheap, so no college student it going to be sad to see these in their box.

3 avacados

My daughter LOVES avacados, so I threw some of those in also. She also loves brussel sprouts and those are also green…

dove dark chocolate and mint swirled chocolates wrapped in green foil

Every care package should include something sweet. Dove makes dark chocolate mint swirled candies in a beautiful green foil wrapper.

saint patrick's day care package box

The Saint Patrick’s Day Care Package printables include a printable for sons also.


How to Mail Your Care Packages:

I recommend Medium Flat Rate boxes from the post office. The boxes are free. You can pick them up at the post office before you make your boxes. They currently cost $15.50 to mail regardless of the weight. All of my care package printables are designed to fit this size box.

No time to make a care package?

Check out Etsy for cute Saint Patrick’s Day Care Packages like this gluten-free care package.

Gluten free saint patrick's day care package

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